Build a Great Home For Your Chickens

Chicken coops come in many different models.

You have to decide what you want and need, then do your research. First, find the type of structure you would like to build. This depends on many factors. If you live in an area where predators exist like foxes or coyotes, this may not be the best option for your chicken coop plans.

Your chicken coop plans should also include a backyard chicken coop inventory page.

The chicken coop inventory page gives you important information about the chicken coop including how much square footage it can hold. You should also know how many chickens you will be raising, how big of a coop you will need, what other supplies you will need and what types of livestock you plan to raise.

The chicken coop inventory page gives you an idea of how much money you will spend on each factor and helps you determine your bottom line.

Chickens require housing. They need a place to sleep, clean up, lay their eggs and roost at night. Many chicken coops include nesting boxes or chicken houses that are easy to clean.

Other options are battery-operated or manual litter trays. These are often the most economical and popular styles of chicken coops. You can find small battery-operated or manual models for as little as $100, but they don’t usually last very long and sometimes aren’t very attractive.

Litter trays are another popular choice for chicken coops. Most people use them because they are portable and reusable. Battery-operated ones are usually very colorful and well made. Manual types can also be very attractive and durable. These can be bought for under two hundred dollars. Most of these have wheels on the bottom and a handle to pull them around.

There are other things to consider besides the style of chicken coops for sale and the type of housing they offer. The location of the coop is very important. You want to keep the coop out of harsh weather. Many people keep their chickens in backyards where there is no special care needed. However, there are chicken coops that are designed specifically for areas that require more maintenance.

Another thing to consider is whether you need a mobile chicken coop or a permanent coop. Usually, the chicken coops for sale that are sold on the Internet come with a chicken coop plan that includes a mobile coop and chicken door. If you don’t buy the plan and build the chicken coop from scratch you will have to purchase a chicken coop kit that has all the pieces necessary to build a portable coop. Although you will save some money if you buy pre-made coop kits you may not be able to save enough to cover your initial cost.

The cost of the chicken coops for sale should include all of the above items. Some companies only offer a chicken coop without a side or run. This can be very handy if you have more than one chicken because you can separate the hens when they don’t produce. However, many people who keep multiple chickens find this unnecessary and only pay the price for a mobile chicken coop when they get a really good deal elsewhere.

When you are ready to buy your chicken coops, make sure that you are getting a quality product. It is easy to find cheaper products that are not as sturdy as the more expensive ones. It is also wise to get something that is made with better quality materials. The chicken house plan should be easy to assemble and designed so that your chickens will stay happy and healthy. If you put your chickens together with poor plans and construction, it is very likely that they will become ill or even die. Amish made chicken coops for sale that use well-constructed plans are usually the best choice.


What You Need to Know Before Building Chicken Coops

Chicken coops are one of the many types of livestock you can raise for profit.

They can be built from scratch or purchased in pre-built chicken coops for sale.

Many people raise chickens for the sole purpose of selling them off at the market. But you don’t have to just sell off your chickens if you have the right in your backyard.

Raising chickens for eggs and meat can also be very profitable. If you know how to raise quality, fresh eggs then you can make a nice profit from each egg you produce.

If you’re going to produce more than a few, you can sell the extra ones you get to people who need them.

There are several things you need to keep in mind while raising chickens. First of all, you’ll need good nesting boxes. These should be at least three feet in size and be made of wire so that the chickens won’t be able to jump out of them. Nesting boxes can be purchased in most pet stores or you can build your own.

Also, the roof of your chicken coop needs to be very sturdy. Make sure that you choose a chicken coop with a good, strong chicken door.

Chicken can sometimes get injured by loose, flimsy chicken coop doors. It’s much better to spend a little more on a good chicken coop door than it is to injure your chickens.

When you buy backyard chicken coops for sale, you should always do a walk-through to make sure that they are clean and that there is no obvious damage.

Chickens are creatures of habit, so if a coop looks dirty then it probably is. You should also check to see if all of the nesting boxes are intact and if they have enough room for the chickens to spread out. If they don’t, then there could be some nesting situations going on.

When it comes to actually build your own backyard chicken coops, you will need to think about what kind of material you’re going to use. One option is to use wood, but another is to look into purchasing pre-made chicken coops.

This is especially helpful because many coops made from wood are already finished yet more expensive

It is also possible to purchase chicks instead of chickens from backyard chicken coops for sale.

Chicks are an ideal pet for people who have smaller spaces because they are very adaptable. If you have a fenced-in area where you can house them, then buying chicks from someone who specializes in breeding can help you in your poultry business. If you do buy your chicks, it is important to have them properly prepared so that they can grow up to be healthy pets.

As you can see, chicken coops for sale can be a great investment.

The main thing is to be sure that you know exactly what type of chicken coop you need to build. It is best to have an idea of how many chickens you have before you go out and shop for a coop because you definitely want one that is large enough to hold at least five or six chickens.

You don’t have to be an expert to build a nice coop, but it would be good to get some advice before you begin.

There are plenty of different plans available for you to choose from, and you can also use free plans or draw up your own.


Chicken Coop Ideas – Consider All Your Options Before Building it Yourself

Chicken coops add country charm to a backyard, especially if you opt for a barn-like or cottage-style coop design.

Though practicality is certainly the top consideration of any chicken coop, the beauty of an attractive chicken coop is sure to add value to your property. well-designed coops will increase the value of your property as it makes your backyard a beautiful extension of your house.

In fact, many real estate agents consider the appearance of a chicken coop to be as important to a house as the number of floors or the proximity to a water source.

Needless to say, attractive and well-maintained coops are great selling points for your property.

Another popular chicken coop idea surrounds the use of nesting boxes.

The nesting box is basically a small perforated cage placed underneath the main house to allow your hens to lay their eggs. There are several types of nesting boxes available.

Some of them have small spaces that allow the hens to exercise freely while some come with multiple compartments and shelves.

Nesting boxes come in different sizes to cater to all nesting needs.

One of the popular chicken coop ideas surrounds the use of old-fashioned barn fixtures.

This may include a rustic-looking hen house with wooden flooring and chicken wire fencing.

These rustic elements make for a great addition to any rural setting.

The chickens are comfortable in this natural environment because of the natural materials used.

They are safe from predators as they cannot break into the henhouse, whereas a cement or metal shed would offer greater chances of prey entry.

If you have a large backyard chickens can prove to be a good source of protein.

Thus, it makes sense to protect them from all sorts of predators. In this regard, various chicken coop ideas have been suggested including building chicken coop structures with pegs or posts.

This would provide easy access to predators and allow your birds to gain easy access to food and water.

You may not be living in a rural setting but many animals enjoy living in the city.

If you have an area prone to rodents such as rats, you need not worry.

You can simply build a large chicken coop to keep your chickens safe from these mammals.

There are many chicken coop ideas that will ensure that the predators are not able to get in.

Some simple precautions such as sealing the openings would ensure that your chickens are safe from mice or rats.

Rain collection systems are considered one of the best chicken coop ideas.

This would allow your chickens to go through an entire year without exposure to rain.

This is due to the built-in rain collection system that allows the chickens to be sheltered from rainwater.

The coops built with special zinc and aluminum posts would make sure that the chickens do not get wet.

If you prefer to leave out in the open all year round, then you need to take care of predators.

Luckily, there are many backyard chicken coop ideas that will ensure that your birds are safe. One of the best is to build a tall net over the top of the backyard.

This would allow birds to enter but keep out unwanted predators such as hawks, raccoons, and possums. This also keeps unwanted people out, which would ensure the safety of your chickens.

If you have a large area to work with, you can build multiple small-sized hen houses for your birds.

Chickens require shelter from predators just like any other animal.

If you wish to provide these to your pets, then consider backyard chicken coops.

You can find a lot of information about various breeds of chickens online.

You can also find various designs that you can incorporate in your coops.


Chicken Coop Ideas – Raising Chickens in Backyard Enclosure

A chicken coop can be a beautiful addition to your backyard or business.

Chickens are neat, clean animals, and they produce fresh eggs every day.

Raising chickens is a rewarding experience because you get to watch your little birds in their cute little eggs!

To build your chicken coop, take the following tips into consideration.

Building your chicken coop with nesting boxes can be one of the best chicken coop ideas for beginners. Narrowed in terms of size and shape, nesting boxes are designed specifically to house chickens within their own small world. When built properly, they offer an excellent home for hens. A nesting box should be made of corrugated cardboard or similar materials to keep the nesting material tightly in place and to help maintain a cooler temperature inside the box. You may also want to consider using insulation if your nesting boxes aren’t insulated enough. Your chicken coop will be more comfortable if the temperatures stay at a constant level.

Chicken coop building plans can vary greatly depending on the type of crop you intend to build. If you want a mobile chicken coop, you should look into chicken coop kits that you can purchase and assemble yourself. These kits usually include nesting boxes, perches, feeders, and hanging wire or hardware. The majority of these kits are designed specifically with beginning farmers in mind. They are easy to assemble and the materials used are lightweight so you won’t have any worries about lifting heavy materials around.

For more complex chicken coop ideas, consider building a chicken coop that incorporates several layers of protection.

In this case, you would want to make sure that your chickens have plenty of cover, especially during periods when predators are most active.

For instance, during early spring and fall, foxes, raccoons, and opossum are most likely to be active and are likely to come into your chicken coop.

You can protect your chickens from these predators by using a multiple layer of wire to enclose your nesting boxes.

Another chicken coop ideas for the more serious chicken raising enthusiast is to build a hen house.

A henhouse, sometimes called a walk-in coop, offers excellent protection from predators but also provides additional space for nesting.

A walk-in coop usually has a doorway leading to an elevated nesting box so that chickens can have access to the nesting materials without having to climb over the sides of the hen house.

A hen house is an ideal solution for small flocks. It also provides your chickens with fresh air and a place to eat.

A good walk-in coop must be well-insulated against the cold wind and rain so that your chickens don’t get too overheated.

Another chicken coop idea for those who are really serious about raising backyard chickens includes building a shed.

Sheds offer nesting boxes, a place to roost, protection from predators, and protection from the elements.

However, a shed also has its disadvantages.

While constructing a shed may seem like a daunting task, with the right plans it can be relatively easy to build a good quality shed that will provide you and your backyard chickens with lots of shelter from predators and which will keep your birds safe and healthy.

If you are a complete beginner and you are thinking about keeping backyard chickens, then the best chicken coop ideas for you are probably a chicken coop and a shed.

Another chicken coop idea for the backyard chicken raiser is to build a roosting area.

Roosting areas are designed to attract birds to your nesting boxes and provide them with a place to roost at night.

A well-designed roosting area will not only provide shelter from predators but will allow your birds to roost safely during the day.

Many chicken coop design plans will show you how to build a simple chicken coop that will serve the purpose of roosting and will provide the birds with a comfortable place to sleep and nest during the day.

There are many chicken coop ideas for people who are starting their first flock.

You can find plans, materials and other information on the internet or at your local hardware store.

The more experienced raisers can usually design and build a coop themselves if they have the time and skill.

However, for the first-time raisers, building a coop and providing your birds with a home are very important tasks and a good starting point for any new flock.


Plans For Chicken Coop – Finding the Best Plans to Build Your Chicken House Easily

What should you look for when searching plans for a chicken coop?

A number of chicken coops:

Obviously, there are different plans for chicken coops.

Some are meant for small birds, some for large, some are portable, some are permanent and others are designed for commercial purposes.

Best: Building A Chicken Coop By Yourself. The number of chicken coops: Obviously, there are six chicken coops and one big chicken tractor plan. You got one big coop for the chickens, the rest of them are for ten to twenty chickens and of course, the big chicken tractor which is only for a couple of chickens.

How can we find the best plans for a chicken coop? What are the best plans for a chicken house? Three things are, you need to consider when searching for plans for a chicken house.

First is to consider the place where you want to build, second is your budget, third is the space that you can allocate for the coops.

First, if you don’t know how to build it yourself, better search for chicken house plans on the internet.

It will save you a lot of time and money.

Second, search for free chicken coops plans for free on the internet. These will give you an idea about what coops are good for you and what to do.

Third, look for sites that provide free chicken coop plans, they are more than willing to give you free designs for a couple of chickens in coops.

Before you go for building a chicken coop, you need to decide whether to build a portable chicken coop or a permanent one.

If you’re planning to move the chicken house, a portable one is better since it can be folded and carry to another location.

But on the other hand if you’re planning to build chicken coops in your yard permanently, portable chicken coops are the ones that you should buy because they are cheaper than the permanent ones.

However, make sure that the portable chicken coop has all the necessary features and that it is flexible too.

Look for chicken coop plans that have easy and simple diagrams and easy-to-follow instructions.

They are more convenient to use even by beginners.

These plans are more affordable than permanent ones too. Keep in mind that the chicken coop plans may not give you all the instructions but also give ideas on how you could complete it. Some of these plans can give you a step by step instructions to make your task easier and faster.

If you are starting to think that building a chicken coop is difficult, then why not hire someone to do this job for you? There are companies that offer services in this area.

You just have to email or call them and let them know what you want.

Make sure that you choose a company that has been in this business for some years now because they can give you more ideas than those who are just starting their business.

You may have small chicken coops that are just enough for you but if you have more than just a single chicken, you need large coops. If you don’t know how to build chicken coops with large sizes, then you can always ask for help from people that have experience in this field.

They are the ones that can build chicken coops that can hold more than just one chicken.


Keep in mind that building a chicken house is not as easy as a lot of people think it is.

Even if you have plans for chicken coops, there are still a lot of things that you need to consider.

Keep in mind that these plans are just for advice and there are still a lot of things that you need to learn.

But with the right information, you can be sure that building small chicken houses will be much easier than building large ones.


Plans For Chicken Coop Construction – Build a Simple DIY Chicken House Easily

So, you’ve finally decided to build your very own chicken coop. Well done. Great choice! I wish you well on your quest and here’s how you go about building your own DIY chicken coops.

What you first need to do is find some good plans for a chicken coop building. OK, so that’s not really a question. But what exactly are these plans? Well, for a little while, we just need to take a few fence stares at a few shed eyesores! LOL!

OK, firstly you need to get a good set of plans for chicken coop construction. OK, this might sound like such a simple task. Let me tell you, it can be very easy if you use good chicken house plans. OK, here’s how you do it:

Find the plans for building a chicken coop with detailed instructions and drawings. This will include the measurements and also details of the materials you will need to purchase. OK, so now we have a few things we need to think about. You need to decide whether you are going to build the wall from scratch (using regular plywood) or if you are going to use a pre-made wall panel.

Look at the dimensions of the actual chicken coop plans and draw the dimensions on your own. Remember, the plans aren’t totally accurate, but they should give you an idea of how large the walls need to be. You will need to know how many windows you will have and where they need to be located as well.

You can find chicken coop plans for building a chicken coop with windows at various places on the web. Most of these will be professionally drawn and they should give you a good idea of what you need to buy and where to get it. For example, if you are building the coop in a backyard, you may want to look for a free guide that shows you how to put up your chicken house in about 6 easy steps. The guide will include pictures and videos, along with detailed instructions.

The run walls are the first thing you need to decide upon. There are several types of run walls, including the free-standing wall, sectional run wall, poultry run wall, and stick wall. If you are using poultry-run walls, make sure they have non-slip treads. Also, you need to decide how deep the poultry run wall should be.

The next thing you need to choose is the number of perches. If you are not going to stock perches, then you might as well skip the plywood for now and purchase some pressure-treated wood screws instead. There are also plans for chicken coop flooring online that allow you to choose from an array of different colors, including earth tone, white, black, cherry red, blue, sand, brick, tan, walnut brown, and tan. Also, some plans even allow you to choose the type of finish, which includes: paint, stain, or joint compound.

Ok, maybe you aren’t as excited about DIY plans for chicken coop construction as I am. But just in case, here’s one thing you need to know about those plans: they are sometimes really wacky. For example, one plan shows a chicken tractor with a movable cart underneath! Not very inspiring.

Good plans for chicken coop plans for building a chicken coop contain a detailed list of materials, but the items listed may not be available at your local hardware store. The worst part is that some of the materials listed are things that will inevitably end up in your trash, such as: old nails, screws, washers, nuts, bolts, washbacks, horseshoes and tires, and so on. Some other things that will inevitably end up in your trash include old wine bottles, old metal scraps, broken flower pots, grass clippings, small rocks, old boxes, empty bottles, peat moss, sawdust, tree limbs, tree leaves, plastic milk jugs, soapstone and marble, old newspaper, old cartons, old boxes of cereal, and so on. Yuck!

It’s okay if you use all these materials at one time or if you only use half of them. What’s not okay is using materials that you will never use again, such as: decorative brackets, fancy lighting, running wall carpet, chicken netting, fancy nesting boxes, fancy feeders, and so on. Another important aspect of plans for chicken coop construction is to make sure you include ventilation, as much as possible. Not only is this important for the health of your chickens, but it is also important for keeping the bugs out. For example, if the coop has no vents at all, you will be attracting all sorts of bugs.


Also, another important part of plans for chicken coop construction is to include some kind of roofing system, such as PVC tiles or simple roofing wire systems. If the crop is to be placed on a concrete slab, make sure you use plywood as the underlayment. This will keep your plywood from bubbling or folding, which is very likely to happen if you use flat plywood as the underlayment. Lastly, remember to check and see how much wood you need to build the coop with. Depending on how big the chicken coop is, you may need more wood than you think.


build your own safe chicken coop

As someone who’s struggled with keeping my chickens safe, I appreciate how secure and sturdy my new chicken coop is after following the guidelines by EASY COOP.

Their safety is my priority, and I had some incidents in the past thanks to the poorly constructed coop I used to have. But now I have peace of mind, knowing that my chickens are in a much safer coop.

It’s also warm and well-insulated, which was another concern that I used to have. Easy Coops made it simple for me to build a coop that’ll keep my chickens happy, safe, and healthy.

The instructions weren’t hard to follow at all, which would make this a great product for new chicken owners or someone with years of experience such as myself.

So much important information is included, even details such as how to tell if your hens are healthy, how to maintain the climate in the coop, and more.

Even though I’ve had a lot of experience with raising chickens, I still found the information to be very useful and accurate.

I also appreciated how there were so many options to choose from, and none were limited to the specifications.

I was able to customize the coop plan I chose, to make it slightly more suitable for my land space.

I’ve never had much success in building anything, but I’m extremely pleased with my finished coop.

I highly recommend this product to anyone who needs a little bit of guidance for building a chicken coop!”

i was also a chicken coop builder newbie

As someone who doesn’t know much about chicken coop building, this was a lifesaver.

 I was able to build a creative new coop for my chickens.

With the previous coop, I worried that there wasn’t enough insulation and that it might’ve been uncomfortable for my chickens.

When I noticed it seemed drafty and cold, I decided that I need to build a better coop in order to properly care for my chickens. And now, I have no worries about the coop I built using simple step-by-step instructions from Easy Coop. I was concerned that the instructions might be tough to follow, but they really do make it as simple as possible.

With recommendations on how to choose the right coop layout, suggestions for what materials to use, and how to utilize the land space you have available, this guide covers everything you’ll need to know as you’re building your coop. I would certainly recommend it to anyone who needs to build a simple new chicken coop, anyone who wants to build a high-quality chicken coop, or newcomers that don’t know much about raising chickens.



There’s so much important information included, and it only costs a small fraction of the price of buying a new chicken coop. I was considering giving up on building a coop and purchasing one, but I’m so glad I chose to give Easy Coops a try instead!”

Chicken coop cheap

If you’re looking for easy-to-follow directions for building a new chicken coop, this is a must-have.

I knew nothing about how to build a coop, but thankfully Easy Coops makes it simple to understand what materials, sizing, and design I should use to build a new coop for my chickens. Not only are the designs practical, but they’re also easy to customize if none are exactly what you want to build. The possibilities are endless if you’re building a coop with the guidance of Easy Coops.

I now have peace of mind because thanks to Easy Coops, I know that my chickens’ coop is well insulated for maximum warmth, with a great lighting setup. After using the instructions, I’m convinced that you won’t find instructions with this much detail and advice anywhere else.


Everything from how to prepare for the arrival of your flock, to the final details of the design are included in this guide. It even features suggestions on how you can use items you might already have to create your new coop, which was extremely useful during the building process.
I’m so thrilled with the outcome, and thanks to Easy Coops I now have a safe, comfortable coop for my chickens. I’d say they’re just as satisfied as I am