Eco-Friendly and Economical DIY Chicken Coops

Hitting a rut in life and need a new project you can be proud of?

Did you ever think about picking up a cool new hobby that will make you self-sufficient?

Building your chicken coop is a fantastic way to utilize your hands in a meaningful way to construct a home for raising chickens. You’ll come to love the adorable, easy-to-care-for pets which can provide you with your own daily, fresh, organic eggs right in the comfort of your own backyard!

It’s earth-friendly, simple, and you can start TODAY!

With Easy Coops, the entry barrier is practically nonexistent.

One digital download provides you with do-it-yourself plans to build a fully functional chicken coop where you can keep anywhere from 5 to 55 egg-laying chickens in a low-impact, sustainable, backyard barn.

Don’t scramble to find blueprints that might work! All our plans list the exact materials and measurements needed ahead of time with absolutely minimal waste. They also all feature predator-proof designs to protect your precious chickens from raccoons and foxes.

Every coop also has proper ventilation incorporated so fresh air makes its way in and pushes the soiled air out. This humane design saves your chickens from any possible diseases or from overheating. Keep them comfortable and happy, and in return, they’ll provide you with eggs for a long time to come!

We have simplified the instructions down to a science that needs no scientists (or master woodworkers) but provides enough details that you’ll have every angle covered. You won’t need any complicated power tools or degrees in engineering with this guide.

With 15 different styles of coops to choose from, you’ll be able to pick out one specifically to fit your needs.

If you have a small yard and want to try your hands at a beginner coop, you can easily build a 3’ x 4’ house for maximum space efficiency which can hold up to 5 chickens.

If you want a massive 30’ x 15’ walk-in chicken coop that can hold up to 50 chickens for plenty of roaming, look no further! With just a few clicks, we lay out all the instructions you could possibly want.
We’re SO certain you’ll love your new Easy Coops designs that we’re offering a total money-back guarantee! You have 60 days to get a complete refund (and you don’t even have to pay shipping and handling).
So why wait? Start yourself on a do-it-yourself project that is both ecologically friendly and economically sustainable. You’ll save the Earth by providing an animal shelter in your own yard and save money by gathering free fresh eggs every morning!

Get Easy Coops today and you can have your own eggs within a week! Sign up now and build a chicken coop you can be proud of!

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